Amazing Run

1st Amazing Run game in Malaysia

Brought to you by the team behind BreakTheCode

The race is ready to go. Join us for the latest challenge and game in town.
A race to test your team work, agility, strength and all skills that can make you win.
A game that suitable for everyone, battle mode, challenge with your friends.
In Gurney Plaza only, safety assured.

Free the Monkey King

Story Plot:
Go bananas as this challenge unleashes the royal primate within – contestants team up in groups of no more than 10 in an Amazing Race-inspired competition where members are challenged to pass numerous station games that test teamwork, agility, and strength, the fastest of whom to reach the finish line reigns supreme and unlocks the ultimate achievement which is the Monkey King. Race hard Race Fast & Race to win.

120 minutes endless fun ; Limited slots, 80% booked

Highly recommended, must try; Instant cash rewards up to Rm100

Kindly contact : or 04-2280684 for more information.